How It All Began

 LA FOI envisions the French literal meaning of Faith. Early 2018 became a stepping stone for LA FOI; through her vision came the belief. A belief bound by no means engraved in every and all. Faith as an internal power that drives one, no matter the current state, to a better tomorrow; LA FOI fragrances cultivate a brand that is built on that belief. LA FOI fragrances personify faith in its purest of shapes and simplest of forms, the idea embodied; tangible.             

LA FOI, faith, the premise of tomorrow. Faith in an everlasting resilience, faith in an everlasting you ~ Evolving, cultivating, catering to you, it becomes you. LA FOI, tends to the belief, and caters to the inner voice and its outer beauty. 

Yasmine Zahran, I am a believer. Faith resonates a resilient sillagè through my life. It remains with me and my trail of yesterday’s and sets my sights on my future tomorrows. Scents leave a lasting impression ~ Imprint memory’s ~ Relive experiences. These words have become my mindset, the reason I continue to be brave and embark on the adventure that is life. The stories I share, the memories I love and will always relive. LA FOI is but a platform for a population that will never go unheard. Through faith we become, through thick and thin.